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Devilsbliss Farm Wool Home Goods

Wool Insoles (adult; shoe or boot)

Wool Insoles (adult; shoe or boot)

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Natural comfort for your feet!

Our insoles, made from layers of our undyed wool needle felted around a core layer of natural burlap are perfect for your shoes or boots. The burlap acts as a stabilizer, keeping them from shifting in your shoes or boots. The insoles are of generous proportions and needle felted densely to wrap your feet in cushiony comfort and warmth. Insoles can be cut to fit any shoe or boot, and will flatten and form to your feet after a few days wear but may initially feel thick.

Wool is naturally breathable, moisture wicking, insulating and antibacterial, making it the perfect choice for insoles! Lanolin, naturally found in wool, supplies self-cleaning properties. As the insoles absorb moisture and dry, the lanolin helps kill bacteria and removes odors. After wear, if the insoles are damp, pull them out and air dry before wearing again.

Care: lay out in the sun to refresh. If greater cleaning is needed, hand wash only in cold water. Roll in a towel to remove excess water (do not twist or wring) and dry flat.

As with all our products, after use, these insoles are 100% compostable – from the earth, back to the earth.


  • Small (women's sizes 5-7)
  • Medium (women's sizes 8-10)
  • Large (men's sizes 8-10)
  • Extra Large (men's sizes 11-13, dark brown)
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